Initially, the majority of the property owners/landlords are reluctant to use a property management agent, until they get the real hang of it. Hiring a property management company or looking after your assets all by yourself is a hard decision to take. Let us help you get off the fence and make a decision.

Why should you hire a property management company?

“Get everything managed by the experts while you live a stress-free property owner life”

Multiple rental properties
Your portfolio may look shiny and attractive with a diversified range of properties. But after a point handling them on own, may become painstaking. That’s when property management companies can come handy. They help by delegating your responsibilities while you enjoy the benefits and make proper use of your time.

Make long-term profits
By expert handling of your property, over time, you will realize the profitability of hiring property managers. You will receive fewer damages, repairs or complaints, leading to better tenants, hence better return from your investment.

Save time
As a landlord, there is an unending list of tasks that needs to be managed. From setting proper rental rates, collecting payments on time, advertising to avoid long vacancies, prepping for new tenants, managing bad tenants to overseeing maintenance works and other vendors, the responsibilities of a landlord don’t end here. Bypass these stressors and hire experts who can handle these onerous tasks professionally.

Find & manage good tenants
With a property management company besides, finding good tenants can never be a tiresome task. They would already have stacks of applicants for you to choose. Screening for better quality tenants is important. A good property management company will perform background & employment verification, criminal checks, and previous landlord testimonials, to ensure only the best tenants that suit your property is chosen. Not only this, but they also take over the management of tenants from your head. Be it emergency maintenance, regular inspections, or even resolution of conflicts, these experts have their own and professional way of dealing it.

Invest in far away locations
Without a property manager, you may only think of investing in properties nearby, keeping your options restricted. Property management companies will enhance your investment opportunities as you get the advantage of investing in any location irrespective of the geographical distance.

Stay away from legal issues
Being a landlord, there are strict laws and regulations to abide by. Hiring a property manager will keep you off any lawsuits as they keep a complete understanding of all the compliances. They will make sure that your property meets these regulations and laws.

What makes us a unique property management company in the UK?

“By our professional and timely advice, we add long-term value to your assets”

Years of Professional experience
Our extensive industry experience and thorough understanding of leases and the statutory requirement of landlord-tenant legislation have enabled us in becoming proud managers of numerous property owners in the UK and abroad.

Highly Accredited
YGFDC is accredited by ——. It denotes we manage properties to meet high-quality standards, thus delivering nothing less than perfection.

Customer-centric and Honest Approach
We are known for our end-to-end professional approach. Our project managers maintain friendly yet professional connections with our clients that has helped us in earning better retention. We vouch to our transparent approach in understanding clients’ needs accurately and rendering them tailor-made services.

Happy Clientele
Our happy and satisfied group of clients evidently displays the class and quality of our services. Head on to our testimonials and hear it straight from them.

In search of a property manager who will look after your asset just as theirs?

As a renowned property management company, YGFDC has reconceptualized new and unique standards in our role. With a rich and diverse clientele from across the globe, you can trust us for peaceful and hassle-free property management experiences. Selling or letting your property? Our team of experts is only a call/email away.

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