Property Investment

Want your money to workhard for you instead of being eroded away by inflation?

Want to retire early and free up your time enjoy life more?

Property investment is a favorite investment strategy used by millions of wealthy people across the world. In the UK, majority of the wealthy people have benefited from the growing population and the demand for more housing. Take a look at the numbers below and you will understand the trend we are heading into.

UK property investment in numbers

  • The UK’s capital holds to be the 2nd best city in the world for property investment (Schroders Global Cities 30 index).
  • By 2039, the UK private rental sector may outnumber homeowners making Buy-to-Let a £1 trillion industry.
  • BY 2039, the UK population is projected to reach over 74 million.
  • Great infrastructure projects of worth £640bn have been planned for the next 5 years.
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The above numbers clearly state that an investment in UK property is one of the most stable, reliable and long-term wealth generating methods. Did you know that over 90% of the world’s millionaires gained their wealth by property investment? We know that your dreams resonate the same. With YGDFC, who know the market inside out, your dreams can be a reality. We will help you with the best advice and ongoing hands-on support.

The UK being a hotspot for investors owning/ running property here can be fruitful. Here are some benefits to affirm your decision:

Steady Cash Flow
If invested wisely, property investments can help you gain positive cash flow. The net income generated after tending to your mortgage payments and operational expenses accounts to be the cash flow generated on your property. You can easily build your equity once you pay off your mortgages.

Incredible Tax Savings
Get the benefit of numerous tax deductions that property investors can claim to save more money. From your interests to repairs & maintenance, pre-trading expenditures to travel & office costs, training & research expenses to rental losses, a lot of your money can be saved from taxes.

Build Massive Wealth

There is no denying the fact that over the long run, property values have always gone high. The major windfall of money in property investment comes from appreciation combined with leverage that gives the investor huge returns. Basically, you will increase your regular income and wealth.

Diversify your investment portfolio
The importance of diversification in an investors portfolio is well-known. Property investment outperforms most other assets for being able to generate stable income by gaining greater degree of control over it. This only means that property investment increases your assurance of higher returns per unit of risk while giving your portfolio volatility.

Asset Appreciation
Unlike cars, smartphones, and other depreciating-in-value types of things, lands usually increase in value over time. Over time, with good decision making in your property investments, you can amass profit when it’s time to sell a property. Rental rates tend to increase too as years go by, giving you that leverage in terms of income.

Multiply revenue thorough real estate leverage
One of the best ways real estate investors increase their net worth is by financial leverage. Investors who use borrowed capitals as their funding generate leverage. In short, by leverage, you make money on others money.

Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns
Property investments provide better risk-adjust returns. There are various factors that contribute to property investment returns. It can come from the location of the property, class of the asset, and management. For the past 50 years, the average annual return has been 11%. Majority of the investors look towards outdoing this average.

Your anti-inflation asset
Investment hedge is an investment that protects you against inflation. Real estate has always been considered as an anti-inflation asset. Being a sector that sees greatest appreciation at the time of inflation, real estate becomes one of the favoured hedges against inflation.

REITs (Property Investment Trusts)
REIT is the route to go if you’re not ready to manage tangible property assets. In REIT, you purchase and sell traded REITs on major stock exchanges. The trades are usually under high volume. REITs should at least pay 90% of income to the investors. With this, they commonly offer higher dividends.


With YGDFC, you get full access to the expert guidance from the pioneers in the investment sectors. From start to end, our team of experts will make sure that you receive a professional hands-on assistance. Our goal is to give you a peace of mind and a clear road map to property investment. We start off with:

One on One meeting
Over a cup of coffee or a phone call, our advisors will reach you to know financial goals, risk profile and preferences.

Strategize a customised Investment plan
Based on your personal analysis, we will create your investment property portfolio.

Create a finance structure
A proper financial structure based on your portfolio will be designed to avoid unnecessary problems at the onset of the purchase.

Conduct market analysis
Our team will then conduct a research and use our network to find you the most appropriate investment opportunity based on location, price and type.

List out suitable properties
We will consider a strict selection process and put forth the best investment properties across you to select.

Budget analysis
Once the property is selected, the cash flow analysis is conducted to ensure if the property meets all the financial aspects or not.

Final purchase process
Furthermore, the purchase procedure is initiated. Our team will take care of all the proceedings that range from coordination with the involved parties to facilitating the purchase.



We help investors identify and secure fantastic investment opportunities in the UK.


We help investors add more value to their properties with professional refurbishment.


We manage properties so investors can spend less time with admin and focus on the important things that matter.